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Lovely write up from Discover Dogs for Paul Watts and Fred.

"2nd: Paul Watts with Soaring Fred (xb), losing 4 ¼ (play 1 ½, heelwork 2, examination ¾, recall clear, gate clear).

This team stole the hearts of my team, and no doubt will do the same in the final! A handler who must be over 6’ tall, with a tiny little crossbreed terrier, and yet they make a perfect match together. Heelwork on par with the winner, and a fabulous clear recall. Good luck at Crufts – let him shine!! 

22nd October:

Congratulations to Paul Watts and Fred. 2nd place today which qualifies them for Crufts. Fantastic achievement- Paul's first dog and Fred only started competing half way through the year


13th October:

Congratulations Charlie, Roxy, Buddy, Alice, Flash, Mukki, Tilly and Gosling for successfully completing their Puppy Foundation course...

12th October 2016:

Congratulations to Jemma Thorneycroft with Mabel, Jan Lovelock with Dora, and Tom Asbury with Bella for passing the Kennel Club Good Citizens Bronze test on Monday night, and commiserations for those who were not on this occasion successful. Further congratulations to Tom and Bella who posed without moving in all of my photographs unlike the others!


Club News

10th December:

Congratulations to Paul Watts and Fred who came 5th in Pre-Beginners and Lindsay Parsons and Jasper who came 7th in Beginners at the National Obedience Class Finals on Saturday.

12th December 2016:

Congratulations to Michael Youney with Roxy and Jane Meadows with Jessie for successfully gaining their Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award tonight. Well done!

Mick Youney Jane Meadows paul2

Congratulations to Paul Watts and Fred who won the Grade 2 championship at BCOS ...


And then won Champion of Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


14th May 2017:  Congratulations to Paul Watts and Fred at Culverstone this weekend.  Fred won Beginners and was joint 1st in Novice. Unfortunately he came up short in the run off so took second place!

paul3 Tracey Brawn Silver awards

17th September 2017:  Well done Tracey and Murphy winning the Special Pre Beginner today

and to Olivia with Lola and Debbie with Wainwright who achieved their Silver awards.

13th August 2017: Judges write ups for special pre-beginners on Saturday...well done all!


1st 421 Margaret McDevitt and Carricks Popping Candy WS Lost 3¼

Maggie and Evie worked third in the running order and put on a very impressive display. Great play, lovely consistent heelwork and almost nothing to mark on the set exercises. Maggie is a lovely handler and allows Evie to flourish. Just do some more work on inspecting her feet during the examination. I am not surprised you have already qualified for the semi-finals and I wish you the best of luck.


4th 88 Tracey Brawn and Monochrome Murphy Crossbreed Lost 7

You can’t help but notice Murphy when he comes into the ring – what a handsome Cavapoo! Very stylish heelwork, but remember not to slow down before the turns Tracey. Very little to mark on the other set exercises, so had there not been that anticipation in the recall, who knows how much better you would have done. A team with a lot of potential.


5th 488 Martina Perry and Calonlan Corvus Cavalier KCS Lost 7¼

Another ‘what might have been’ duo. Chance worked a lovely heelwork round and lost very little on all the other exercises except the play. Unfortunately, despite Martina’s best efforts, Chance was more interested in sniffing the ground than playing with his toy. Martina took it all in her stride and they clearly have an excellent relationship.

6th August: Well done Tracey Brawn and Murphy getting 3rd in special pre-beginners at Hatchford brook today


2nd August 2017:  Congratulations to everyone achieving their Puppy Foundation award last night. Sorry none of the dogs posed properly for the photographs and few of their trainers!

bronze1 puppy1 martina Tiny1 Tiny2

Paul Watts and Tiny who won his second Novice class at the BAGSD Champ Show on 23rd September 2017.

Tiny again, this time winning his first Novice class at Plantation Park on 16th September 2017

Fred2 Fred1

Paul Watt's Soaring Fred who won the Novice class at Hatchford Brook on 27th August 2017



Fred again, this time winning the Novice class at Wakefield on 6th August 2017


16th October 2017:  Congratulations to Martina and Sky, Jacqui and Hugo, Dawn and Twiglet, and Dana and Phin for passing their Kennel Club Good Citizens Bronze tests tonight.  Well done and good luck for your silver test.


30th September 2017:  Congratulations to Victoria and Bert for winning Novice dog at Elm Park & Thurrock.


8th October 2017: Congratulations to Vicoria this time with Hector who won Best Standard Puppy, Reserve CC and Reserve Best Puppy in Show at Northumbria Poodle Club show.


8th August 2017:  Congratulations to Jan with Cerys, Kerrie with Bailey, and Maggie with Evie who achieved their Kennel Club Gold Awards last night.

21st October 2017:  Congratulations to Maggie McDevitt and Evie who  came 5th today for the Kennel Club Special Pre Beginners at Discover Dogs & booked their ticket to CRUFTS!!


Congratulations to Victoria Main and Chalkwell Happy Hour (Hector) for coming 1st in Junior Dog and then taking RDCC and to Tracy Ansell with Somanic Wotsit All About At Chalkwell (Cilla) for winning Postgraduate Bitch today at the Midland Counties Canine Society championship show at Stafford.


cilla 20171028 Hector&Cilla 20171028

Congratulations to those who passed their Bronze Award or their Silver Award tests on 22nd June 2018, and in particular congratulations go to Harvey and to Rosie who passed both tests in the same evening!


Here are Ane with Chester,  Lindsay with Jezzabel, John with Rosie, Madison with Oscar, Michelle with Harvey, and Martina with Skye who all achieved their Kennel Club Good Citizens Silver Awards on 22nd June.

Well done all of you and Good Luck for the Gold.


Here are Ausrine with Kia, David with Buster, John with Rosie, Krista with Teddy, and Michelle with Harvey who all achieved their Bronze Awards on 22nd June 2018.

Sylvia Gold

Congratulations to Sylvia Glanville-Hughes who has qualified as a Kennel Club Good Citizens Gold Award Examiner.

Krist1 Krista2

Congratulations to Krista and Teddy who got best in show at Odell on Saturday 9th June.   Well done!!

Congratulations to David with Buster, Krista with Teddy, Cathy with both Biscuit and Mabel, and Tracey with Freddie who all passed their Kennel Club Good Citizens Silver tests on 30th July.

Well done everyone.  Now for the Gold!

20180730_195933 Tracy July 2018

Congratulations to Tracy Ansell and Vinnie who qualified as C only by winning their final two Bs on consecutive weekend shows in July

Bronze award july 2018

Congratulations to Neil and Nala, Steve and Bertie, Judy and Millie, Anne and Pandora, Sylvia and Flame, and Teresa and Danny who all passed their Kennel Club Good Citizens Bronze Award tests on 31st July.   Well Done!

Judy SpPreBeg PreBeginners

Congratulations to Tracey with Murphy,  Anne with Nova,  Martina with Chance, Shona and Sky, and Gayl with Spike who took the first 6 places in the Special Pre-Beginners Class at Woburn on  11tth August.  Sorry Tracey, but no more Special Pre-Beginner classes for you!

Congratulations to Judy and Millie who came 1st in the Puppy Class at the Northern Cavalier King Charles Spaniel show on  5th August.  See you at Crufts next year!

Congratulations to Martina with Chance and Anne with Nova who came first and second and Gayl with Spike who came 4th in the Pre-Beginners class at Woburn on 11th August.   Anne and Nova also won this class on the Sunday so both she and Martina are now promoted to Beginners!

Russell and Vizla 11-6-19

Congratulations to John and Russell and Janette and Leia who passed their Good Citizens Bronze tests in June.

Averil and Michelle 11-6-19 Flame and Nala 18-6-19

also to Michelle and Harvey (Gold Test), Averil and Twiglet (Silver Test), Sylvia and Flame (Gold Test) and Neil and Nala (also Gold Test) who were also successful at the higher levels.  Well done everyone.

Krista and Irish Terrier BR 18-3-19 Mollie and 2 9-10-18

Congratulations to Helen with Molly, Sharon with Mollie and Mr P Brudenell with Fidget who were successful in their Good Citizens Bronze tests in October 2018.

Bertie-Millie-Nala-Danny etc 9-10-19

Congratulations tp Mr P Brudenell with Fidget, Judy with Millie, Steve with Bertie, Sylvia with Flame, Neil with Nala and Teresa with Danny who successfully passed their Kennel Club Good Citizens Silver tests in October 2018.  Well done everyone.

Congratulations to all that passed the KCGC bronze test on 12th August 2019. Well done everyone!


From left to right: Hannah with Pumpkin, Sylvia with Flora, Graham with Monty, Patience with Phoebe, Lily with Duke, Kat with Toffee, and Jenny with Agatha.

BronzeAugust2019 Bonze 2019-10-29

Congratulations to Claire with Nigel, Kim with Mollie, Ashley and Alex with Poppy, Alex with Gwen , Alan with Finn and Alison with Monty (not in photo) who successfully passed their KCGC Bronze tests on October 29th.


Congratulations to Trina with Hugo, Michelle with Juno, Sally with Freddie, and Sonny with Lando who successfully passed their KCGC Bronze tests on Tuesday 14th January.   Well done everyone!


John and  Meg (Nobite Winter Wishes) after their first BCOS Grade 1 win at Moulton  on 17th November 2019.